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You provide high quality products and are an integral part of our city landscapes. We are here to help your company thrive. You focus on having the best products possible, we will help get those products to our mutual customers.
Sustainable, Rider friendly deliveries

Our ability to deliver products from your physical location to our customers is a central part of what we do. We strive to make this process convenient for your team and the end customers.

Fyrtel’s riders are a central part of our company.

We have their well-being in mind throughout the process. Fair employment and participation in decision making and company building are our integral values.

We do pick-ups from your location once a day, in the morning. We try to create as little disruption to your offline business as possible.

Deliveries are done by cargo bikes.
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How does Fyrtel work
How much do I have to pay to join Fyrtel?

Registration is free. We’ll also help onboard you onto Fyrtel. This includes setting up Stripe, adding your first products, product photos, managing your first orders. We also help promote your company through creating content. We’ll help with company photo’s interviews and social media and/or blog posts.

How do deliveries work?

You receive orders via email notification and in our order management system. You will have all the relevant information there. For most of our orders we do next day delivery. Customers can purchase from multiple shops and have it delivered to their doorstep. The Fyrtel team is responsible for the pick-up, collection and delivery of these orders. Pick-ups take place in the morning, we will schedule a pick up time that is convenient for you. We strive to pick up all of the orders that will be delivered on the day at one time.

How do you promote our Partners?

We are a marketplace and our business model works in a way that if your business thrives, so do we. That’s why it’s our goal to promote the businesses that partner with us. A substantial part of what we do is aimed at informing our existing and potential customers about our Partners. We actively promote our businesses on FB, Instagram, Newsletters and on our app and web portal. We use both paid and organic channels. We also use offline tactics.

Is setting up my mini store at fyrtel.market complicated?

One of our goals is to make setting up your mini-store and running it as easy as possible. We are here to help throughout the process. Onboarding can be broken down into a few main steps: 1. Fill out the registration form / 2. Login to the Admin panel / 3. Add your product / 4. Setup your sub-account on Stripe / 5. Start Selling :)

How much will this cost me?

We take a 15% commission off of every transaction that takes place on fyrtel.market. There are no other costs attached to being on Fyrtel. Shipping costs are charged to the customer. The cost is 1.50 EUR per store from which a purchase is made, so if someone makes a purchase from 2 stores it’s 2 x 1.50 EUR = 3 EUR delivery fee.