About us


Locality, quality and convenience, without compromise: we believe that it can be reconciled.

We are a team of passionate people who want local shopping to be convenient, pleasant and common. That's why we created fyrtel.market, where you can shop from various local producers in one basket. We deliver your purchases to your door. We operate in Poznań, Wrocław, Warsaw and Berlin.

We believe that nowadays what is local has even more value, and thus can determine the economic and social strength of our cities.

Locality means quality, freshness and passion. We want to make buying products from local suppliers the norm, not the exception.

We focus on ecological deliveries: over 84% of them are carried out by cargo bikes, which enable efficient and safe delivery of local orders.

We operate in the spirit of fair trade - our partners incur a low commission and couriers get paid fair.

We connect local businesses and buyers - we create a community of informed consumers and suppliers.

Locality = quality

In the fyrtel.market offer you will find various proposals, including bio and gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian. We work with the best greengrocers, bakeries, coffee roasters, delis, shops offering their own craft products, drugstores with natural chemistry and cosmetics, florists and other places that are waiting for you to discover them. Together, we help local entrepreneurs reach new customers. We offer them a platform, logistical support and promotion.

Great that you are with us!

Do you run a local business and would like to sell your products on fyrtel.market? Write to us at https://fyrtel.market/join